How to capture GIF?
Click on "Record GIF" button or use hotkey button, default F9

New window with transparent background will appear on screen
Resize it above the area you want to capture then click record button (red circle)

Record time is limited to 10 seconds
You can pause while recording, hit Stop when you done

You can also open exisitng GIF, simply click "File" -> "Open File..."

After capturing, you can remove individual frames
Use Ctrl + Click to select multiple frames
Or select frame, then hold Shift and click on the other frame to select everything in between
Press "Delete" or Right Click on selection to remove frames

Aside from that it's also possible to insert another GIF by Right Clicking on any frame then pressing "Insert another GIF"
NOTE: New GIF dimensions will be adapted to initial dimensions

And lastly, when you done, click on Save button and select from available options
NOTE: While uploading to web, the window will be freezed, allow it 5 - 30 seconds to upload
After posting to Web, page will be opened automatically

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